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Unleashed Solutions For Optimum Performance In A Cost Effective Manner

EMDAD has been a leading player in the UAE industry for more than 44 years by unleashing the lifecycle of the assets from exploration to well construction. These include directional drilling, pressure pumping, well cementing, coiled tubing CTU, stimulation, Nitrogen N2, fracturing, well completion, well intervention fishing & milling solutions and intercasing pressure control by optimizing production to rejuvenate the life of the field

We provide innovative products, services and solutions for every aspect of the oil & gas industry that covers the mature field development, the enhancement of oil recovery and unconventional operations. Our reputation for providing unique integrated solutions by talented experts and innovation has positioned us as a market leader in providing products and services for improving efficiency, productivity, reducing risk, achieving net-zero with game-changing performance improvements, and delivering competitive advantage added value proposition to today’s market – locally, regionally and globally.

The oil and gas industry brings a distinctive set of challenges to operators. As reserves diminish and product demand fluctuates, the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of support services become more critical than ever

Our customized innovative integrated services and engineering solutions can help eliminate nonproductive and invisible lost time, ultimately improving and optimizing the overall performance. Our people are committed to anticipating and meeting your quality, safety, compliance, and performance needs with consistent, reliable assurance and cost-effective solutions.

Well Intervention Services
Well Construction Services
Marine Support Services

Well Intervention Services

At EMDAD, well intervention services encompass a wide range of Fishing systems and Downhole tools that are utilized to effectively remove any wellbore obstruction. This comprehensive approach ensures a safe and efficient resolution to wellbore problems, ultimately reducing associated costs

Our services include both Cased-Hole and Open-Hole solutions, which are overseen by experienced supervisors known for their expertise in the field. We boast an extensive inventory of proprietary junk, pilot and section mills, specifically designed to mill through stationary or loose obstructions in a wellbore. EMDAD’s team of skilled welders also enables us to provide customized mill or wash over shoe designs as needed. Our patented Whipstock with proven records differentiates us amongst others

By employing these advanced techniques and tools, EMDAD aims to minimize downtime and optimize drilling operations for their clients, delivering exceptional results

Solutions Include:
  • Casing Exit Services (Whipstock)
  • Fishing , Milling, P&A Services.
  • Downhole Tools Rental
  • Wellbore Clean Out Services
  • Specialized Completion Equipment & Services

OBM Cutting and Sludge Thermal Treatment & Cutting Reinjection Services (CRI)

One of our niche service solution targets the OBM cuttings and sludge via the thermal desorption method to minimize net waste and overall fluid costs, further reducing the operating expenses with an environmentally and eco-friendly method. Our Thermal Oil Recovery (THOR) system applies indirect heat to remove 99.9% of the hydrocarbon content in drill cuttings, sludges and slops. Our central Habshan base served ADNOC rigs for more than 15 years with over 120,000 MT storage capacity and a designated project team of 80+ professionals. EMDAD has expanded its range of services in collaboration with NOV by establishing cutting re-injection services as a part of the company’s overall offering, With this expansion, we are capable of re-injecting more than 32,000 MT of cuttings into disposal wells, monthly. This is not only a cost-effective solution but it is also environmentally friendly as it reduces the drilling waste generated by rigs.

  • Drilling fluids & completing chemicals products
  • Solid control equipment (decanter-centrifugal, Shale shaker screens & spares
  • Dynamic Settlers (Mechanical Ultra fine particles)
  • Mud filtration services

Directional Drilling Rental Services

EMDAD has tapped into drilling performance mud motors rental services in collaboration with its well proven dedicated partners to deliver Practical Innovation that surpasses the industry’s operational safety, technological, and quality requirements that make it easy for clints to do business.

Pressure Pumping Services (Cementing) Well Stimulation Services (Coil Tubing)

Along with our subsidiary Emjel, we provide superior standard and advanced cementing services for both Onshore and Offshore operations. The reasons why our clients preferred us for their pressure pumping (Cementing) needs:

  • Prioritize Quality and HSE
  • Effective Operations with proven performance
  • Full-service cementing lab offering including off-site mechanical properties and gas migration evaluations.
  • Lightweight slurries from 9 ppg (70 pcf) and Critical Zone Slurries – Flexible 125 pcf, CO2 resistant, Self-healing
  • Expert field engineers with proven experience

For well intervention operations and certain drilling applications, as well as associated drilling completion and workover, or remediation techniques, coiled tubing is available in different diameters. CT equipment and techniques present several advantages over those used in conventional drilling and workover operations. These advantages include rapid mobilization and rigup, fewer personnel, smaller environmental footprint and reductions in time associated with pipe handling while running in and out of the hole. Coiled tubing can help the operator avoid the risk of formation damage inherent in accidents and deaths, by allowing continuous circulation during well intervention operations. These advantages may yield significant cost savings over conventional drilling or workover techniques.

Marine Support Services

Marcap’s services include offshore support, logistical support and offshore transportation, project management, cross chartering and managing of vessels.

The company is aiming to become the leading marine solutions provider while maintaining reliable, trustworthy and high-quality services to its current and future customers.

You can read more about Marcap here:

  • Ship’s technical, operation & crew management
  • Logistics support & offshore transportation
  • Cross chartering and managament of vessels
  • Project management